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I married my best friend on May192012
I fell in love.

I fell in love.

Let the wandering begin.

Let the wandering begin.

Music Videos & Defilement.


Do you realize what Miley Cyrus has done?! She was a part of great controversy. duh. Everyone is going to talk about it, as am I. 

But we all have seen her music videos. We started youtubing them when our friends told us not to. But we’re rebellious and curious. Which leads me to this. Music videos are back!

In jr. high I would wake up and turn mtv on. Low and behold I would brush my hair while singing along to JOJO. “Get out, right now.’ Yeah ok, I’m done.

I am excited. Did you record  Music videos on your vhs like I did? I brought a vhs to my friends house once, it had evanescence on it, “going under” & Stacy’s mom… had it going on. My friend was sheltered though, and her mom walked in on us as Stacy’s mom got out of the pool. I felt like a lesbian at that very moment. Like we just got caught watching porn or something. Uhhh. I defiled my friend that day. Her mom let her buy a blink 182 CD later that year. She listened to it in her blue walkman. I was so jealous, I was too poor for a walkman. I borrowed it once though, I convinced her to let me use it because I introduced her to good music. I ended up loses one of her head phone cushions and was again, too poor to replace them. We stopped hanging out. 

I hope music videos return to tv. I want to copy dance moves. Hey, thanks. 



Good grief.

I am currently watching Eminem of fuse. I feel like I am 10 again.Yes, I believe I was cool at 10. Wait, was eminem cool then? 

I am laughing. Why do I know all of these songs? Nostalgia hits hard when he raps, his beats repeat. It is insane. How did he accomplish this? My brother gave me my first slim shady Cassette Tape when I was in 2nd grade. Yeah I was 7 years old. Oh, dear. I am pretty sure he is the reason I wrote poetry. It was sweet though, don’t worry. I felt as if Eminem was my brother. A big older protective brother. Who made fun of Britney Spears. Who didn’t though? My real brother did. I am still laughing. 

Kids who are 7 years old now days, I treat them as if they are babies. I colored my hair red at age 7. I was Vice president of my class. I had short hair. But I was no baby. 

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2013 coming to an end.

The year is coming to an end, and I have been thinking… What do I want to accomplish next year?
Look, I am already thinking of my life for next year. I have two weddings to be a part of. That feels like a huge task but I am surely excited. My husband is traveling a ton. Like, a TON. I am traveling more than usual. But it isn’t even January and I am already thinking about July. I wanted to write out my plans and goals for 2014, which do not include moving. Praise The Lord. No packing up my house for 2014. I am staying and enjoying my humble aboad for another year. Here are some goals that I have!

1. Fix up and furnish all rooms of the house. Guest bedroom, living room and “Master Bedroom”.
2. Read 1 book a month. I know this sounds easy to some, but taking note that I did not finish any books in 2013, this is a realistic goal.
3. Taking my health seriously. I have said good bye to processed foods in 2013 so I am going to say hello to excercise and nature.
4. Save my money. Instead of shopping for a new cheaply made dress that will fall apart, I am going to save my money until I need it.
5. Buy a computer… One that I love
6. Send out birthday cards and snail mail. [Why I bought a kitty calendar]
7. Recycle. I can’t believe that I don’t do this.

Those are 7 goals that I have for 2014. They seem realistic and I can’t wait to get started!

merry christmas everyone.

NYC upside down

NYC upside down

Back stage #ootd

Back stage #ootd



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never gets old

never gets old

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travels and pulled over

A lot has changed since the last time I’ve posted something. I work at a pretty cute coffee shop. I live in a small little house that is just perfect for myself and my husband. We have a quaint little back yard. I have gotten to travel a lot more than I ever have before. I visited Portland,Seattle, and New York all in a few months span. I love every place I have gone. 

Portland was a planned trip. My husband a show there, but we arrived 4 days earlier than everyone else. We love coffee and thrifting, so Portland was a huge win for us. I’ll post pics of the place we stayed. 

Seattle, was a huge surprise. Austin had be gone for a little over 3 weeks, and I was having the hardest time of my life. So, I flew out to surprise him. He was shocked and we had a great time there. 

New York. This was another place he had a show at the Madison Square Garden Theater. We actually stayed a few days later to enjoy the city, but I was unable to see the major places. So we have to go back. I did get to see Newsies though. So it wasn’t a complete fail. I loved it, as much craziness is going on there, I adored it all. Except NYC ate all my money. Not good timing to go before christmas. I didn’t really get to shop either. It just ate my money through transportation and food. 

Good times have been had.

I’m going to a Christmas party tonight. The dress code is dressy casual. Let’s see what I can find to wear in my closet. Don’t fail me now closet! I am definitely going to have to recycle an outfit. My hair will be whatever it is. 

We are getting our Tennessee licenses today. I’m dreading it. But it has to be done. Our car tags are over 2 months expired and it’s because Austin’s traveling and I had no idea. So, that adult thing did not get done! WHOOPS. The cop that pulled us over was the nicest cop I had ever encountered. It’s all probably because we were fiddling around in our glove compartment looking like doofs. “What’s my registration supposed to look like?” Play that card my friends, and you will walk away with just a warning. Except, I wasn’t playing. I seriously don’t know what that document looks like.

Talk to you soon!



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